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What we stand for as GPM, and how we create added value for our customers, as a consulting company.

who we are

We are a team of distinguished consultants and experienced managers who efficiently bring about and effectively implement rapid and long-term corporate success.

what we do

Together with our clients, we explore the core of entrepreneurial opportunities and risks, design the appropriate measures and implement the transformation.

how we do it

Passionate, creative, effective, measurable: with absolute quality standards.

Personal: from initial contact to implementation

Who we do it for

For small, medium & large enterprises in various industries, in the private as well as in the public sector

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

Will Durant


Our service spectrum ranges from small, targeted interventions to large, company-wide change processes. For a sustainable anchoring of your culture and strategy, we combine approaches and methods from business administration, psychology and brain research with our implementation-oriented leadership and management systems.

the mutual

Anchoring common goals, paths & values for all employees and managers
Companies are subject to increasingly rapid change, and markets and social developments are becoming increasingly unpredictable. The decisions we make today and the effects they have tomorrow represent a strategic challenge for every company.
The solution...
Clear orientation of all employees and managers, towards a common goal, is the key to success. Together with top management, we ensure clarity and reliable decision-making, by anchoring common goals, paths (= strategy) and values.

A common vision by all employees and managers regarding the orientation of the company and the measures necessary to master the future successfully generates commitment and willingness to change. Using an effective target agreement system, we support the transformation of targets into daily business at all levels of the company.

the successful cultural trans­formation

Increasing performance and satisfaction through a corporate culture that is in line with your strategy

A strong corporate culture is one of the key success factors for sustainable corporate development. It provides both employees and managers with a clear orientation framework regarding the kind of behaviors that are desirable or undesirable in one’s everyday work, and it forms the basis for achieving the company’s goals.
The solution...
In every cultural transformation, we ask the questions of change at grassroots level: Where do the people in the company stand? What needs to be done to activate them, in order to unlock their full potential? What do people need to enable them to live the corporate culture in their everyday lives?

Using an implementation-oriented system for cultural transformation, we accompany the process of cultural (further) development, from the diagnosis of culture through the generation of values, all the way to the anchoring of those values. Through a bottom-up/top-down approach, we ensure that the desired culture is in line with both the needs of the employees and the economic goals of the company. The result: wide acceptance and a high level of compatibility with the strategy.

the powerful

Clear responsibilities and effective cooperation within the management team
The question of the effectiveness of leadership is inseparably linked to the success of a company. The role of the manager is changing, as is corporate culture. Leadership and governance are regarded as central components of today’s understanding of leadership, and they must also become visible in the actual behavior of managers.
The solution...
A clear understanding of one’s own role and responsibility in leadership, which is shared by all managers, is the basis for effectiveness in leadership work. We provide managers with the necessary skills and tools, to enable managers to exercise their own leadership responsibility optimally. Furthermore, we work with the teams in all divisions, to achieve effective, cooperative corporate management.

We increase trust and commitment, thereby improving teamwork. Clear rules of the game coupled with the way tasks and responsibilities are designed, lead to a successful corporate policy, with a standardized corporate and management concept.

the effective management

Management and development of the company and its employees
In change processes, it is primarily important to steer the company through a systematic and coordinated approach by top management towards the employees. The people must do what is necessary for the success of the company, and not what they think they should be doing. In a volatile environment like we have today, this is not just about additive management, but also about focusing on what really matters, both now and in the future.
The solution...
The transfer of responsibility, all the way through to the employee forms the core of our management systems. This ensures that everyone is aware of and provides their own contribution. We avoid once-off effects, because the systems are based on repetition, and the transfer of knowledge into the company is guaranteed by train-the-trainer concepts.

We only apply implementation-oriented management instruments, and we provide the managers with support during the implementation process, so that they are able to assume their leadership responsibility or focus on the “right” things.

the lasting behavioral change

Building desirable habits and breaking undesirable ones
The prerequisite for the success of sustainable corporate development is dependent on the further development of the people within the company, i.e. behavioral change, because change always begins with the individual. Many failed change processes show that, despite a high level of motivation, the existence of the required skills and clearly defined goals, people fail to make the transition to permanent implementation of change. Just think of your own New Year’s resolutions!
The solution...

The main reason for this is usually old habits and how difficult it is to give them up. To change persistent habits or in-house rituals in the long term, however, classical methods of behavioral change, such as awareness campaigns, knowledge training and motivation training are not sufficient.

We take it one step further, by equipping employees and managers with the skills and tools they need for sustainable, individual behavioral change, or for the building of desired habits. After all, not only motivated employees, but especially those employees who have implementation and behavioral change skills are essential for the success of a company.

The new
safety culture

Combining modern cause analysis, effective prevention and continuous improvement
A sound safety culture is becoming increasingly important, but at the same time, classical methods of safety management are reaching their limits. Despite existing regulations, QS requirements and risk management systems, accidents and incidents occur, often with drastic consequences for the company, which are associated with risks in terms of liability, assets and reputation.
The solution...
In order to help you achieve a lasting improvement in your safety performance, we combine three areas: the latest neuroscientific findings, tried-and-tested safety tools from the field of aviation, and many years of experience in the development of safety culture. Our focus is on permanent change behavior in terms of safety – a short-term positive influence on safety awareness alone is not enough.

In order to achieve this, together with the client, we analyze the management culture, the existing structures and the processes, along with employee behavior, and identify blind spots in the current safety culture. Building on this, we implement measures, the effect of which is not only visible in the improvement of your safety performance, but which also has positive effects in terms of increased quality, yield and innovation.


Our clients are just as individual and unique as is every change process. In over 30 years, we have worked with the following companies, among others:

Allied Irish Bank
BFP Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Steuerberatungs GmbH
BKA Verwaltungsakademie des Bundes
BPV Hügel Rechtsanwälte
Bank of England
Blackwell, Germany
British Aerospace
British Ceramic Confederation
Coca Cola

DREHM Pharma GmbH
De Beers
Dept. of Trade and Industry, UK
Donau Universität Krems
Europten GmbH
Flughafen Wien
Holcim North‐Danube
Holding Graz
Karl Landsteiner Privatuniv.
Kimberley Clark

Lloyds Bank
Magistrat Krems
Mars Confectionery
Metal Box
Ministry of Defence, UK
Ministry of Transport, UK
NÖ Forschungs- und Bildungsges.m.b.H
NÖ Landeskliniken-Holding
Price Waterhouse

Raiffeisen Capital Management
Robert Bosch AG
Rotes Kreuz
South African Airways
South African Breweries
Universität für Bodenkultur
Via Donau
Volvo Penta
Wiener Linien
Wiener Stadtwerke


A powerful and versatile team of experienced consultants supports you as you work towards the further development of your company. Our experience and expertise in consulting, management, research, university teaching and corporate training create the foundation for sustainable success.

As a trained business economist and psychologist, Michael Smeryczanski supports companies and their employees in managing the transition from good management to excellent management.

He is convinced that long-lasting corporate success results from the combination of a humanistic and output-oriented view of people and leadership. He uses his many years of experience as a top manager in international Fortune 500 companies, among other things, to identify and harness trends that outlive management fads.

He is a visiting professor of behavior-oriented corporate management at the Danube University Krems and a regular speaker at congresses and conferences.

Prof. Michael Smeryczanski

Senior Partner

mobile +43 699 100 296 52

As a trained business economist, Dieter Windischbaur supports companies and their employees in creating sense and success by using a combination of proven and innovative management instruments.

He is convinced that systematic management work can help to exploit the performance and innovation potential of a team. Among other activities, he uses his many years of consulting and management experience across different industries to bring executives and companies to the next level.

His professional fields of interest lie in the areas of corporate management and team development/performance. He lectures at universities, and in corporate training and development.

Dr. Dieter Windischbaur

Managing Partner

mobile +43 699 123 090 33

With over 30 years of experience as a manager and consultant, Andreas Mares supports companies and their employees in focusing on their goals and pursuing them consequently and consistently.

He is convinced that managers are not only responsible for their own success, but also for the success of their employees. Among other activities, he uses his many years of experience in industry, construction and logistics to set up new systems and training formats, in order to effectively support change processes.

His professional fields of interest are cultural transformation, and corporate and management development. He is a lecturer in the field of in-company training.

Andreas Mares

Managing Partner

mobile +43 699 150 772 10

As a trained neuroscientist, Manuel Nagl supports companies and their employees in bridging the gap between wanting and doing.

He is convinced that the development of implementation skills and the targeted establishment of good habits are key factors for sustainable corporate development. Among other activities, he uses his many years of consulting and academic research experience to develop innovative consulting approaches and tools.

His professional fields of interest are neuro-management, cultural transformation and behavioral research. He is both a university and in-company lecturer for further education, and a regular speaker at congresses and conferences.

MMag. Manuel Nagl


mobile +43 676 794 16 81

As a trained business economist with more than 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, manager and consultant, Benedikt Rettenbacher helps organizational strategists to understand their strengths and weaknesses and to bring about structural changes.

He is convinced that a companies future success depends on todays measures and decisions. With his long-standing experiences wether with start-ups, the public sector or the top-management of a Fortune 500 organization he knows the advantages and disadvantages of small agile teams just as well as the ones of large, complex companies. With this expertise he is able to derive the necassary transformation as well as how to employ it sucessfully and measurably.

His professional fields of interest are digital and innovational business transformation, strategic product and brand development, as well as all points of contact, where people and figures are meeting.

Mag. Benedikt Rettenbacher


mobile +43 664 813 18 99

As a communication scientist and marketing specialist, Hans Bachmann supports companies and their employees in significantly increasing the efficiency between input and result.

He is convinced that there is unused potential in terms of all decisions, processes and structures of a company. He uses his many years of experience as a pilot and aviation entrepreneur, among other things, for the sustainable improvement of the safety culture in companies. Employees who are challenged and supported avoid mistakes, take responsibility and achieve more.

His professional fields of interest lie in the areas of human factors, CSR, EHS and corporate quality ethics.

Dr. Hans Bachmann

Senior Consultant

mobile +43 664 26 22 758

As a qualified business economist, Alfred Lutschinger supports companies and their employees in the generation of goals and strategies and the effective implementation thereof.

He is convinced that in business management, only a combined strategic-technical and cultural-human approach actually leads to success. His experience as a manager and consultant supports an implementation-oriented approach in management consulting.

His professional fields of interest lie in the areas of corporate development processes, change in corporate culture and the development of planning and control systems. He lectures at universities and academies.

Mag. Alfred Lutschinger

Senior Consultant

mobile +43 699 115 901 78

As a lawyer and certified mediator with over 20 years of professional experience, predominantly in top management, in national companies and international corporations, Alexandra Hailzl supports companies and their employees in increasing their performance and enabling a high-performance culture by creating the right framework conditions.

She is convinced that this does not mean following every trend. Appreciation, respect and transparency are as important as the use of modern technologies to promote digitalization in companies.

Alexandra Hailzl also sees herself as a sparring partner for the management in difficult corporate decisions. Her professional interests lie in the areas of corporate transformation, gender diversity and cultural development in companies.

Mag. Alexandra Hailzl

Senior Consultant

mobile +43 680 21 911 69

As a qualified business economist with a legal focus and 15 years of experience in both management and consulting, Aurelie Schlaffer supports companies and organizations in using Strategic Foresight to think about alternative future scenarios, identifying and implementing necessary measures for both innovations and necessary transformations.

She advocates that especially in socially, economically, and geopolitically volatile times, engaging with possible alternative scenarios is crucial for the early development and implementation of adequate strategies within organizations.
With extensive experience from advocacy through the public sector to the private sector, she understands the specific challenges involved in both strategy development and the continuous implementation of sustainable change.
Her professional interests include Public Management, Strategic Foresight, Digitalization, Security, Innovation, and intercultural competencies.

Mag. Aurelie Schlaffer


mobile +43 676 6013 725

With her training in human resources management and organizational and business psychology, Claudia Hofer supports companies and their employees in reconciling the often-differing needs and perspectives of managers, employees, customers and other stakeholders.

She is convinced that a uniform corporate culture is one of the most important levers for successful companies. Among other activities, she uses her professional experience in consulting to integrate new ways of thinking and perspectives from New Work and Coaching approaches.

Her professional fields of interest are psychology, human resources development as well as education and training.

Claudia Hofer, MA


mobile +43 660 22 23 001

As a business & economic psychologist, Kai Lehner supports companies with regards to their most important „asset“: the employees.

He is convinced that corporate culture can mean heaven or hell for companies. To ensure the right path organizations have to be viewed through a systematic lense and be seen as what they are: a living and changing organism inside of an equally volatile environment.

His professional fields of interest are psychology, human ressources development as well as neuroscience.

Kai Lehner, B.Sc.

Junior Consultant

mobile +43 664 157 40 66

As a trained business school student, Melanie supports companies and their employees to grow in an administrative and organizational way and to work more efficiently.

She is convinced that effective administration and well-organized processes are crucial for the success of a company.

Her professional fields of interest are business administration, process optimization and human resource management. Melanie uses her knowledge and skills to help companies achieving their goals and creating an effective work environment.

Melanie Müllner


"Paths are formed by walking them."

Antonio Machado


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